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April 28, 2013
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Nightmare banquet pt. 2

Lia looked at the ripped bag, smiling smugly. “You know, we could-”
“But it’s the only flammable thing around here!”
“It’s my only bag, Lia…so we won’t.”
Suke pulled the bag against her fluffy chest, protectively. Her orange fur contrasted the brown leather bag.
Lia looked up at the pair of blue eyes, which sparkled with determination, begging now. “Please…” Lia’s green eyes were all watery now. Suke softened for a second, but tensed as she snapped herself back.

“Damn it. So close.” Lia cursed under her breath.

Lia studied a tree only a few meters from the pair. It looked so alive, the branches tucked around it like it was in agonizing pain. It was all dried up and not one leaf grew on its thin sticks.
“This forest is way past creepy.” She thought. Lia took a deep breath and slowly approached the tree. “Maybe we can break of some branches and make some fire…” Suke nodded nervously, noticing Lia’s insecurity.
Lia smiled a week smile, clutching her fangs around the closest branch. She pulled all she could, and the branch snapped.
A horrifying shriek filled the forest, making it sound like a torture chamber. Lia fell limply to the ground, her scream blending with the shriek. Her vision was foggy from the pain, but she saw Suke rushing to her side. “What’s wrong?!” she yelled. Lia was busy trying to block the sounds she heard. Her large ears screamed for it to stop. She saw Suke’s mouth move, but couldn’t hear her.
She heard nothing except from the shriek, which tried with every note higher it hit to break her. Lia clutched her paws against her ears. Red, warm liquid streamed down her face. Her head felt like it would explode. Like she was hit by a bus, and then another bus rammed into her other side. It felt like she had just awoken with a million hangovers. She tried to make out the figure in front of hear, but all she could see was darkness. Unable to fight any longer, she slipped into unconsciousness.


Lia found herself clutching something furry. Her own fur was soaked, and her feet didn’t touch the ground. The unknown sanctuary was warm and she could hear a heart beating franticly a couple of inches away from her. The fur smelled like…oranges. She slowly opened her eyes, thinking of places she could be.

What a horrible idea.

She clutched her head, trowing herself away from the unknown source of warmth. She hit the ground with a thump and after a few muffled scream she sat upright. The pain had kicked in, just as the headache had reappeared. She looked at the shocked figure in front of her. Everything was still a blur. Her eyes were bloodshot and watery after all. Lia might not be genius, but she managed to put two and two together. “Having the ability of extreme hearing isn’t always a good thing.” She thought. Lia let out a groan. Maybe she should lie of thinking for a while.
“Lia? LIA! You’re alright!”  Suke said euphoric. Lia felt the warmth of the unknown sanctuary reaper. “Suke..?” she said. Suke didn’t even notice how shocked Lia seemed. “Don’t you ever frighten me like that.” Lia smiled smugly. “You were scared?” Suke pulled out of the hug, looking at her annoyed, embarrassed to what she had just spilled. “Me? Scared? Ha- as if!” she said, a smile hiding in the corners of her mouth.
Lia laughed, as did Suke. For a second they were oblivious to what had just happened, and that they were soaked with Lia’s blood, which came from her ears.
Lia looked around. She noticed they were sitting on the porch of an old, abandon mansion. The wooden panels were rotten, and the roof and fence had definitely seen better days. “Where are we, any way?” she asked.

“Honestly… I have no idea.”
my part of me and :iconswifteon: story collab :heart:

They seem like person to smile, no matter what happens :D

Suke (c) :iconswifteon:
Lia (c) :icontooniefox:
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I'm really curious about the rest of the story!
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ToonieCheckers Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanky sis :) im glad you like it!! I'm sorry it took so long, but i honestly haven't had the time for it this month.. Barely had time today, so that's why the pic is so sloppy ;-;
But i can't wait to read the last part!!! ;W;
Thunderblade50 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really good
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